Spirit-God of the Lanàtyr


  • Title(s)
  • Influence
  • Appearance


  • Symbol – Two columns of six eyes on black field
  • Focus
  • Color(s) – Black and Red
  • Element – Earth and Fire
  • Animal


  • Center of WorshipLanàdus
  • Scriptures
  • Leader
  • Priesthood
  • Orders
  • Aspects
  • Touched – Vargal the Seer
  • Holy Days
  • Friends – None
  • Enemies
  • Sayings


Before the Cult of Irāyn burned to life upon the Sword Stone, the barbarians of Lanàdus worshiped a spirit-god that lived deep within the island. Priests of that time called the spirit-god Lanas. Later scholars drew connections between the spirit-god and the mythical Lanádrynágdralyð the Old, ancient Dragul of Lanàdus. If this is true, the Lanàtyr would likely be the first Mortal worshipers of Dragul-kind.

It is interesting that the first recorded task of the second King of the Lanàtyr (i.e., Gaðar I) was to retrieve a god from the depths of the Shar. This task throws into question the true purpose of Lanas to the people of the south Mar Dèkali. Some have suggested that the Burning King quest is evidence that Lanas was not a god at all, but rather a mentor for this early people who orchestrated the creation of the Old Empire over many centuries.

The Cult

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