The Blind God, Clan-Father


  • Title(s) – The Blind God, Clan-Father, Father of the Mountains
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A god of mountains worshiped by the Stonewatchers of Knerl. Origins of the blind god Gnod can be found in the mythology of both the Ortor and the Dwürden. The Ortor believe that Gnod was once a wise and powerful war-king who ruled all the lands he viewed in life. A rival of the war-king blinded him so that his kingdom would grow no further. When he grew old and died, the war-king Gnod was buried in the high mountains where his followers claimed that death would grant him new sight. The war-king Gnod’s new sight made him king of all the land which he could view from his grave.

Alternatively, the Dwürden Gnod was known as Gnodor among the folk of Vulmùra. Gnodor is a patriarchal figure in Dwürden legends who is believed to have fathered six sons, who each in turn became the leaders of the six Dwürden Mor clans of Vulmùra. Gnodor was known as the “Father of the Mountains” to the Vulmùran Dwürden. The name was shortened to Gnod by the Teréðori clans, who claim the Ortor adopted the name for their own stories. The Teréðori Dwürden are greatly angered by any claims that Gnod is Ortor in origin. This reason, and others, has led to long-standing animosity and conflict between the two races.

The Cult

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Throughout Teréðor, the abandoned Dwürden shrines to Gnod have been desecrated with Ortor offerings of raiding spoils and sacrifices.