Ring of Saráddir

The Emperor’s Crown

Ring of Saráddir, ca. 653 DR

Ring of Saráddir, ca. 653 DR

The southwestern foot of Teréðor is punctuated by a circular sea that was created by a meteor impact in the prehistoric era. Inhabitants of the region claim that the inland sea was created later following a massive earthquake which caused the crater’s south wall to collapse. Earthquakes are common in this region due to a ring of volcanoes which encircle the Emperor’s Sea. The region is named for the largest of these volcanoes, Īgin Saráddir. Aboriginals of the area once claimed that Īgin Saráddir was the mother of all volcanoes.

The official story, as crafted by Emperor Nhiran I, is that the ring was created when the goddess Shīyr Denīya shaped and lifted the moon (i.e., Wōd) from the earth and placed it into the sky.

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