Bâr Nægàral

Old Empire, The Crooked Kingdom

Surrounded by the kingdoms of Erémys, Olood, and Adæran, Bâr Nægàral is an unlikely domain. On its surface, the small kingdom is ruled by an enduring dynasty, the members of which have governed the realm since before the Old Empire‘s fall. Beneath that surface however, the kingdom’s power rests with an extensive criminal network that reaches out from Vænádygr and encircles the entire Mar Dèkali.


  • Type
  • Ruler
  • Capital – City of Vænádygr
  • Cities – Vænádygr
  • CalendarDekàli Reckoning (DR)
  • Festivals


  • PopulationNægaran (650 DR)
  • Races – (Yrūn 88%, Ōéle 9%, other 3%)
  • Ethnicities
  • Languages – Old Kændàlic, Trade
  • Religions


  • Currency
  • Imports
  • Exports

Regions, Geographic

Adæran is a small Fertile Coast kingdom bounded by the Mar Dèkali to the east, Carámis to the north, Adæran to the south, and Ōlood to the south and west.

Regions, Political

Cities, Towns, and Villages

Hexographer Map: Fertile Coast, Bâr Nægàral ca. 654 DR

Hexographer Map: Fertile Coast, Bâr Nægàral ca. 654 DR

  • City of Vænádygr. The capital city of Bâr Nægàral was once a respectable river port in northern Kændal. Most of its cobbled-stoned streets and prominent buildings date from that time, over 650 years ago. The largest structure in the city was once a temple of Kændlan. Today the walls and arches remain, but it has been reduced to an open-air marketplace after the roof caught fire killing hundreds of squatters some centuries ago. The rulers of Vænádygr live in opulent mansions behind guarded walls in the western ward, in stark contrast to the rest of the city. All official business and administration is handled in private quarters. Even judicial matters are hidden from the public.
  • Town of Saldyar
  • Village of Almìrað
  • Village of Gādygr
  • Village of Mêneð
  • Village of Nābygr
  • Village of Neádar
  • Village of Odmâgr
  • Village of Paras
  • Village of Tagádar
  • Village of Tēr Bàlað
  • Village of Tēr Màndygr



Bâr Nægàral is a sanctuary for criminals and businessmen. Though most of the kingdom’s rural population is indigenous to the region, a large number have migrated to Bâr Nægàral from distant ports. So many have congregated in Vænádygr, that in it is difficult to discern which group is native.

Brezyn slowly picked himself up off the horseshit and cobbles, rubbing his jaw. A deep laugh bellowed behind him accompanied by a chorus of boisterous laughter. As the tavern door squeaked shut, the street’s song changed: the patter of feet, the clapping of horseshoes, the sounds of a living city in motion. Brezyn straightened his jacket and adjusted his cravat. Without looking backward, he turned a corner and chose an unfamiliar street. Ten steps more and he could hear the tavern door squeak open and the bellow of a large man. Turning a second corner, Brezyn reached inside his jacket. The coin purse was still there. Brezyn grinned so wide that his jaw started to ache again.


Time Line


Nomenclature: Baar Naegaral Dekàlic: Bâr Nægàral (place), Bâr Nægàrali (pertaining to), Bâryn Nægàral (resident), Bâryr Nægàral (residents)