Ægàmmarám, The Green Lady. Mamra, the largest moon in the night sky above the World of Teréth End, glows with a pale green light. Special attention is given to the Green Lady because alone among the world’s three moons, she is the only one whose movement appears irregular. Whereas the clockwork movement of Wōd and Nūlēun are used to define months and years, the appearance and phases of Mamra are not as easily defined. A second reason for why this moon is carefully charted is that its phases have a profound effect on the Tapestry, producing both benign and dangerous anomalies in the flow of magics.

The moon of Mamra may not be a moon at all. Some astronomers (who have knowledge and theories enough to consider such things) have suggested that Mamra may instead be a sister planet to Teréth End, locked in a binary-planet system. Historically, few have reached this conclusion.


The Green Lady appears as a spherical world, suspended in the sky above Teréth End. Features on the moon are pale and indistinct due to heavy cloud cover. Astronomers and moon-watchers wait many years to catch a glimpse of the surface’s features. For centuries, societies from Lyrast to Teréðor have cataloged these sightings and attempted to construct Mamra’s surface from collections of puzzle-like fragments. From these observations, it appears that the green moon has a series of coastlines and more than one “sea”. There is no evidence of cities, roads, dams, or other elements that might suggest civilization.


Distant calculations regarding the phases of Mamra may be done with a “Knowledge (Astronomy)” or “Knowledge (Astrology)” skills of 15 or higher. More immediate calculations can be done with more basic math skills. No calculations are required to predict the constant phases of Wōd and Nūlēun.

Unlike Wōd and Nūlēun, which revolve around Teréth End like clockwork, Mamra circles once every 21.032 days. The first full phase of Mamra for the Oðári Tales occurred at Day 123.010 (i.e., 12 Eren 652 DR). Mamra’s next full phases are due to occur on:

653 DR

  1. Day 018.362 – 19th of Amàrad
  2. Day 039.394 – 12th of Maran
  3. Day 060.426 – 5th of Orid
  4. Day 081.458 – 26th of Orid
  5. Day 102.490 – 19th of Flald
  6. Day 123.522 – 12th of Eren
  7. Day 144.554 – 5th of Tolð
  8. Day 165.586 – 26th of Tolð
  9. Day 186.618 – 19th of Lanal
  10. Day 207.650 – 12th of Vulūne
  11. Day 228.682 – 5th of Drûr
  12. Day 249.714 – 26th of Drûr
  13. Day 270.746 – 19th of Ældrūan
  14. Day 291.778 – 12th of Sharak
  15. Day 312.810 – 5th of In Orol
  16. Day 333.842 – 26th of In Orol

654 DR

  1. Day 018.874 – 19th of Amàrad
  2. Day 039.906 – 12th of Maran
  3. Day 060.938 – 5th of Orid
  4. Day 081.970 – 26th of Orid
  5. Day 103.002 – 20th of Flald
  6. Day 124.034 – 13th of Eren
  7. Day 145.066 – 6th of Tolð
  8. Day 166.098 – 27th of Tolð, False Convergence
  9. Day 187.130 – 20th of Lanal
  10. Day 208.162 – 13th of Vulūne
  11. Day 229.194 – 6th of Drûr
  12. Day 250.226 – 27th of Drûr, False Convergence
  13. Day 271.258 – 20th of Ældrūan
  14. Day 292.290 – 13th of Sharak
  15. Day 313.322 – 6th of In Orol
  16. Day 334.354 – 27th of In Orol, False Convergence

Days for Mamra’s full phase:

Phases of Mamra

The phase of Mamra affects more than Twisting, determining also the date of festivals and other observances. Each appearance of the Green Lady within a given year has a different label and associated traditions. In order, these are named:

  1. The Dancing Moon – A time to celebrate the new year and nature’s rebirth
  2. The Growing Moon – A time to work and tend to fields and livestock
  3. Moon of Thorns – A time to prepare markets for flowers and early crops
  4. The Blood Moon – A time for storytelling and the passing of legends
  5. The Running Moon – The pagan summer begins
  6. The Fiery Moon – A time of savagery
  7. The Dreaming Moon – A time to find guiding signs and portents
  8. The Crawling Moon – A time to secure home and provisions from vermin
  9. The Moon of Ghosts – A time to honor and remember ancestors and clansmen
  10. The Harvest Moon – A time to celebrate harvest and the year’s bounty
  11. The Thankful Moon – A time of religious reflection and penance
  12. Moon of Storms – A time to be wary of storms and floods
  13. The Dying Moon (The Killing Moon) – A time to complete preparations for coming winter
  14. The Werrid Moon – A time of madness as the dark season begins
  15. Moon of Shadows – A time to stay indoors in the company of family and friends
  16. Moon of Cats – A time to cast out evils in preparation for the coming year


During convergence, some observers have claimed to spot threads connecting Mamra to the other moons. The purpose of these threads is unknown. Similar observations have been recorded throughout the World of Teréth End.