The Awakened are those sentient races considered emergent, having risen from barbaric or Bestial origins. There is lengthy debate among scholars about whether certain races belong in this category. At one end of the discussion are the Eylfāe, who by their own reckoning claim to have arrived at the World of Teréth End upon ships that crossed the Zarátam. Dekàlan scholars claim this is reason enough to classify the Eylfāe as Perverse, rather than Awakened. Others claim that the Perverse category is more appropriate for the awful Grū and manifestations of the Nether. At the other end of this discussion are the Created Odárad and Ortor, which by many accounts are both barbaric and Bestial. There is growing support for the reclassification of all Created races as Perverse.

While these taxonomical debates continue, please use the established categories to learn more about the individual races.