Sūdùl Dūjad

The Cradle of Sūdul

The central province of Jædð was once known as Elnàdra. It is long been the heart the city-state. Bordered by the Run Sūluð and Run Ðarjir, the Sūdul Dūjad runs from the Bay of Jarjat to the sunken lands of the Ylvàr Var. Within these borders lie the city-state’s most prosperous food-crops, livestock, lumber, and textile production. It is also the most historically significant swath of country, having supported more than one Sha’al civilization before the Yrūn ever set foot in the region.

The jewel of Sūdul Dūjad is the City of Jædð, a city built upon the Run Sūluð delta on the shores of the Bay of Jarjat. All roads within the city-state find their way here.

Cities, Towns, and Villages