The Serájarim Empire worshiped a large host of winged Eðèrim called the Serájar. The Serájar spoke to the priests of the Cult through a select priesthood named the Jagar (i.e., Mouths). These esteemed priests were ritually blinded during their indoctrination so that they would not be driven mad by the presence of the Serájar. The Jagar are apparent in the ancient depictions due to their shaved heads and ears adorned with all manner of hanging jewels and bells. When the priests were asked to seek guidance or answers from the Serajar they would climb to a high place and await a Visitation. During the Middle to Late periods of the Empire, it was “discovered” that Visitations happened more reliably when the Jagar employed incenses mixed with Imáginia herbs. Many of the names for the Hundred Serájar have been lost to time, but a few have survived. A number of these have made “appearances” since the Cult’s demise.

  • Cult of Zin Aljarada (serajar of blessings)
  • Cult of Zin Balad (serajar of honor)
  • Cult of Zin Derajim (serajar of seals)
  • Cult of Zin Malmaraq (serajar of retribution)
  • Cult of Zin Nadajar (serajar of kings)
  • Cult of Zin Nivan (serajar of guardians)
  • Cult of Zin Varinajim (serajar of portents)
  • Cult of Zin Ziraq (serajar of providence)