Greater Neðérim

In 653 DR, an apparition appeared above the City of Nōyn Dag. Those that witnessed the manifestation, claimed to see a large insectoid shape towering above the intricately carved rooftops of the Ælyri capital. The image flickered and faded after some time, in what is believed to have been a failed summoning. Despite this fortunate outcome, the City was overrun by hundreds of Urvàrdar, lowly servitors of the Neðérim. Hundreds of residents and guests were lost or slain during the event.


All Yarðir are unique.



The Yarðir bear an unfaltering animosity toward one another.


Each Yarðir has a unique name. Most Yarðir seem eager to let their enemies know which Neðérim stands before them. Knowing the name of a Yarðir is useful when trying to contact or summon a specific Neðérim. When summoned, the Yarðir typically sends servants to answer on their behalf. Yarðir names are usually preceded by the honorific Yar (meaning: great).


The power and influence of the Yarðir is directly tied to the number of demons they control. The greater their numbers, the more influence they can exert within a region. This relationship is crucial to the Yarðir. Using an example from the Waking World, the Yarthir draw their powers by means of reverse-channeling. Whereas Mortal priests might draw their powers from the Gods, the Yarðir draw their powers from those that they control. There is some speculation that the Yarðir do not control the Neðérim at all, but rather are manifestations of demonic will. Sages that study such relationships, use the Neðérim model as an example of the innate failings of a democratic system.



Nomenclature: Yarthir Dekàlic: Yarðir (race), Yarðìri (pertaining to), Yarðìryn (individual), Yarðìryr