The Concordant Lands

An Invisible World exists beyond what the Dekàlyr called the Vor Omtenéma (or mortal veil). It is believed by many Cults of Teréth End that the dead assume new form that can pass through this mortal veil and that the endless Ethereal awaits all that make that passage. Some people believe that the Ethereal holds great promise for those that venture there, but others suggest that it is a great sea of nothingness, and that spirits that venture there are forever lost. Still others believe that the Tapestry is formed from the Ethereal and that spirits become part of the Chaos when they pass there. It is for this final reason that in some places only priests are permitted to use magic, for the souls of the dead might be destroyed by careless usage. The Ethereal is also known as the Concordant.

Inhabitants of the Concordant Lands are called the Eðérim.

Regions, Geographic

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