Dwürden of the Hills

Peaceful and hard-working, the Dwürden Fal are good neighbors and trustworthy business partners. Faldür society and habitats so closely resembles that of the Uren, that many confuse the two when passing through their lands.


Dwürden Fal are slightly taller and have tan or darker complexions than their mountain dwelling brethren. A typical Faldür stands about 48″ tall and weighs about 130 pounds. Although well-muscled and stocky, they are leaner than their Dwürden Mor kin. The faces and hands of the Faldür are characteristically wrinkled and dirt brown. Dwürden Fal are nearsighted, unable to see objects very well at a distance. Faldür hair and beards are mostly worn tied and beaded into long braids.


The Dwürden Fal are less xenophobic and more tolerant than the other Dwürden subraces. These qualities combined with their underdeveloped sense of grudges make the Nal a likeable people that are welcomed in many non-Dwürden communities. Although the Faldür maintain fair relations with the other Dwürden subraces, there is disapproval for friendly Faldür relationships with hated races or people.


Mostly, the Dwürden Fal are a law-abiding and peaceful subrace. They do not share the history of war and warmaking that is attributed to the Dwürden Mor, and in many cases have established good relationships with traditional Dwürden enemies (i.e. Eylfāe). The Dwürden Fal society is divided into familial clans based on genealogies that reach back for millennia. Most Faldür clans were founded by a great craftsman or artist, or simply a particularly fertile patriarch.

Many Dwürden Fal are simple rural people that work small subsistence farms. the Faldür are skilled craftsmen and create masterfully fashioned goods of all kinds. Dwürden Fal often carry their wares to Yrūn and other market centers for sale, where they can ask high prices for their crafts. Faldür crafts are usually sturdier than similar Uren-made goods.

There is no social importance to bathing among the Dwürden Fal.


Many of the Dwürden Fal speak their own dialect of Falwurd in addition to other local Dwürden dialects. It is not uncommon for Dwürden Fal to understand and speak local Gnor, Urdar, and Ortor tongues. Understanding of these languages is usually shared within clans, based on the inhabitants of surrounding areas.


There are no Weavers among the Dwürden Fal.


Dwürden Fal are appropriate player characters.


The basic template for Dwürden Fal characters is 15 CPs. This template includes:


  • Strength +1 (BASp14) 10
  • Health +1 (BASp15) 10
  • Arm ST +1 (BASp40) 5
  • Damage Resistance: Tough Skin +1 (BASp47) 3
  • Extended Lifespan +2 (BASp53) 4
  • Fearlessness +3 (BASp55) 6
  • Longevity — (BASp66) 2
  • Magic Resistance +2 (BASp67) 4
  • Night Vision +2 (BASp71) 2
  • Social Regard +1 (BASp86) 5
  • Talent (Dwürden Fal) — (BASp89) 5

BASp89 Talent (Dwürden Fal): Includes the skills: Animal Handling (BASp174), Area Knowledge (Specific Region) (BASp176), Farming (BASp194), Hiking (BASp200), and Professional Skill (BASp215) or Smith (BASp221)

Total = 56 CPs


  • Basic Move -1 (BASp17) -5
  • Size Modifier -1 (BASp19) -0
  • Bad Sight: Nearsighted — (BASp123) -25
  • Miserliness — (BASp144) -10
  • Quirk: Habits or Expressions (Do not shave beards) — (BASp164) -1

Trait is reserved for elder Dwürden Fal

Total = -41 CPs


A selection from the following template options are appropriate.


  • Claim to Hospitality (Dwürden Fal) — (BASp41) 5
  • Damage Resistance: Tough Skin +2 (BASp46) 3
  • Empathy: Sensitive — (BASp51) 5
  • Fit: Fit — (BASp55) 5
  • Hard to Subdue +2 (BASp59) 4
  • Resistant: Very Common (Poison) +2 (BASp81) 15

Trait is reserved for elder Dwürden Fal


  • Alcoholism — (BASp122) -15
  • Charitable — (BASp125) -15
  • Chummy — (BASp126) -5
  • Code of Honor: Gentleman — (BASp127) -10
  • Code of Honor: Profession — (BASp127) -5
  • Duty (Favor of Gur-Undrü) — (BASp133) -121
  • Easy to Read — (BASp134) -10
  • Gluttony — (BASp137) -5
  • Honesty — (BASp138) -10
  • Increased Consumption +2 (BASp139) -20
  • No Depth Perception — (BASp145) -15
  • Phobia: Being Alone — (BASp149) -15
  • Truthfulness — (BASp159) -5

Trait is reserved for elder Dwürden Fal
1 BASp133 Duty (Favor of Gur-Undrü); -2 (Quite Rarely) -5 (Extremely Hazardous) -5 (Involuntary) = -12 pts