Soporforia includes opiates, suppressants, and sedatives.

  • Blue Daça. A potent form of common Daça which only grows at the feet of the Sleeping Mountains.
  • Daça. A popular smoking weed in Jædð, used to mellow the nerves and enjoy the quiet. The drug is smoked in small bowls. Daça is mildly addictive but luckily for those who are hooked it is a pleasant and relative cheap drug. All efforts to cultivate Daça have failed. Daça is rarely found near Jædð anymore as it is continually harvested by city children who daily are sent into the jungles to retrieve the plant and bring home a few extra Dðàla a day.
  • Harálið. A powerful analgesic that is inhaled with steam. Addicts carry small dual-spouted metal bowls which they hold near their chins to inhale the vapors. Though little bigger than a teacup, the shape of Harálið pots make them conspicuous. The purity and grade of the pot’s metal is believed to increase the drug’s effect. Traditionally, censers of Harálið were sometimes hung near the beds of injured Dekàli soldiers. The drug itself is sold in tablets which are placed in special pots of boiling water. The tablets dissolve quickly and produce an earthy vapor which is inhaled through the mouth and nose. After one minute, the user can ignore pain and penalties due to wounding1. Side effects include addiction, lethargy, and reduced performance.
  • Paçūmū.
  • Sūmül.

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